Jacqueline Stewart is a certified Life Coach that specializes in mental health awareness. Her mental health and support coaching is about supporting moms, wives and women experiencing mental illness or psychological distress as it pertains to the most common mental health issues: depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. Not only is Jacqueline certified in life coaching and mental health awareness, but she knows what it is like to have overcome those same issues in her personal life. In her one on one mental health & support coaching program she also focuses on personal development, professional development, client goals, self-awareness and purpose awareness. Jacqueline’s heart is to help push moms, wives and women pass their mental health issues so that they can soar in their God given destiny!

MWW MHS 1 on 1 COACHING services are free, however the client must purchase the MWW MHS COACHING Workbook, the Purpose Centered Journal (Audio and Printable Version), the Avenues to Anxiety Workbook, and coaching call recording “How to Survive after the Coaching Process is Over.” Other coaching resources maybe required to be purchased as well. Purchases must be made before the coaching process begins!



The great thing about these services are that they don’t require travel, which cuts the expense of gas and ensures privacy! MHSC services are rendered via telephone (some sessions maybe online via Skype, Zoom or other online platforms), and are private and confidential. For a 15 minute consultation, click on the flyer below to schedule it on the MWW MHS Coaching virtual calendar!


DISCLAIMER: The content on this blog or services rendered are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. MWW MHS COACHING has a right to decline 1 on 1 coaching services if MWW MHS COACHING concludes that the client is in need of professional counseling more so than professional coaching. 

PRIVACY POLICY: MWW MHS COACHING clients’ and app subscribers’ information is held confidential, and will not be shared with any outside parties.